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Positive and Negative Effects of Minecraft Free Online Game


Minecraft is an amazing role-playing game that was designed in 2009. This game comes as single player and multiplayer version. It can be also be played online or offline. The game I based on a simple goal of constructing 3D block and escaping monsters by hiding and picking more energy in form of food. With the wake of the internet, people have taken the online games as one of their pass time activities. Minecraft is one of these popular online games that people take for leisure.

Minecraft free game is an addictive game that makes one keep playing again and again. When you play this game, you should be aware of its advantages and disadvantages.


This game offers the best way to pass time, especially when on is alone. Provided you have a computer and internet connection, then you are good to go. This game will help you interact with others virtually and give you an amazing experience.

Since this is a role-playing and strategy, it helps develop your logical thinking capacity and also sharpen your problem-solving skills. The game enhances your mental alertness, decision-making skills and creates a sense of self-worthiness. Studies show that those who frequently play online games score higher in vision test that those who rarely play.

Playing Minecraft free online game gives a good chance to preview the game before you can even install it on your personal computer. This means that you will be able to familiarize yourself with the game before you can carry it offline. It can be very disappointing after buying a game thinking it is a thrilling game only to realize it just another boring game.

Minecraft free online game gives you a chance to compare yourself against other players. This brings competition as you try to outdo other player making you get excited much more than when you would have played it alone on a local computer. The multiplayer version creates a social platform where you can meet new friends from all over the world. This definitely expands your social network.

Though this game has the above benefits, it still have a number of negative effect to the players

This lacks physical interaction with friend and family members around you. It has resulted to thinning social ties between the players and those friend and family members around them. The game is more inclined to virtual or online socialization leaving smaller room for physical socialization. As a result, it has reared an anti-social behavior among the participants.

This game is very addictive and can lead to serious problems especially during work hours. Since it is very involving and exciting, it can make you end up spending your precious time playing it rather than doing something productive.

In conclusion, it harms not having fun, but as you do, do it with moderation. Too much fun can be dangerous if you are not on the lookout.


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